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Master Photographers International is a Professional Photographers Organization built for photographers, by photographers. The goals of Master Photographers International are;
  • To bring awareness to clients about our industry and why to hire a professional photographer that is qualified with industry standards,
  • To qualify all MPIO members via the Master Photographers International, Master Program, built to grow any professional photographer looking at developing their skills and for newer photographers beginning their professional photography career,
  • Acknowledge professional photographers with their current level of skills and place them in the appropriate level,
  • Create an international competition that will be an educational tool for many and for professional photographers to receive acknowledgement for their art and years of experience,
  • Have the most user friendly Mini Galleries (as shown on the Qualified Professional Search web page) that our members can update on their own,
  • Create a professional environment for our members to be able to socialize, ask questions and receive feedback from some of the best in the industry,
  • Have tools in place that members will be able to grow their local groups within the MyMPIO Communities,
  • Grow libraries of information for many to refer back to whenever the need arises.
Be a part of MPIO and support the cause in bringing awareness to many on the value of "Hiring a Professional Photographer"
Grow your business, grow your experience and help preserve the Professional Photography Industry.
Let’s all show the difference!

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Holy-Lynn Latimour
MPIO is an organization created by photographers, designed towards qualifying and supporting like-minded professionals into becoming leaders in their fields and informing the general public of the importance of hiring a professional. It is a great place for photographers to develop their skills and diversify their portfolio, as well as compete against other professionals in their annual photo competitions. I am very proud to be a part of this organization and I look forward to watching the MPIO community grow in the future.
Holly-Lynn Latimour / Professional Photographer
John Woodward, USA
I have been part of many photographic organizations in my career. Only MPIO brings the true International scale and flavor to the table. It's the only place where I can talk to people from all over the world who are members and who are invested in the success of their career and the MPIO Organization. None of the petty politics as other non-profit organizations which take up so much time. Everyone is working for a common cause which is Improving The Profession of Photography. I can't think of a better organization. My total experience has been one hundred percent positive. I love a place where I can learn and contribute at the same time.
John Woodward, USA / Professional Photographer
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